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Guillaume Agis

šŸ‡«šŸ‡· Business and Tech entrepreneur
10 years experience building in web2 and web3

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I have a passion for innovation and challenges. No blabla, let's make it happen šŸš€

I am a 32 years old šŸ‡«šŸ‡· tech dude based in Toulouse (FR), passionnated about tech and innovations since my Master in Computer Science (EPITECH). Since then I cannot stop building. Building for my own business but mostly for other businesses.
I was lucky to work on many innovative projects such as Google Glass, Real Wear, Colgate toothbrushes, AXA collected lock and many other tools.
I love tackling problems and build tech solutions.

Since the beginning of my entrepreneur journey, I did advice over 100 entrepreneurs worldwide and worked on more than 40 projects (mobile and backend) myself. I am restless.

A short Overview of my life

I have worked on more than 40 projects: mobile, backend, web3... So I cannot put them all. I put here the projects that I consider the most interesting!

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accounting mobile application developed by Guillaume Agis
Mentoring of entrepreneurs by Guillaume Agis
Build NFT marketplace
Winner of hackathon in London
NFT projects developed by Guillaume Agis
Roland Garros NFT Collection developed by Guillaume Agis
Ride Hailing mobile application developed by Guillaume Agis
Coaching mobile application developed by Guillaume Agis
Glasswear mobile app developed by Guillaume Agis
IOT mobile application developed by Guillaume Agis
Technical event organised by Guillaume Agis for While42

My Skills

CEO agency

CTO (small business)

Team Leading


Dev Android (Kotlin)

Dev Backend (Kotlin, JS, Golang)

Internet Of Things (GlassWear, Bluetooth, beacons)

NFT (web3)

My Personality

I am working with a coach to improve my soft and leadership skills. According to those tests and my past experiences, my personality has shown I am a hard worker, restless, hyper-achiever, very ambicious, care a lot about the quality and please others before myself šŸ¤.

šŸ‘‰ Here is my result of the test "The saboteurs". (šŸ’” More info about the Saboteurs here)
šŸ‘‰ My RIASEC CODE : EIS. Meaning Entrepreneur, Investigator and Social

šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø Restless: Constantly in search of greater excitement

šŸ¤— Pleaser: The others before me

šŸ•µļø Stickler: Perfectionism and a need for order

šŸ† Hyper-Achiever: Need of performance and achievement

My coolest Experiences

Co Founder - Meta-Safe

(2021 - present)

Built a web3 dev agency and managed to build over 20 NFT projects in 10 months. I mostly handled Sales, Marketing and tech architecture.
Clients were mostly small businesses and šŸ”— Roland Garros and few non disclosed big clients.

šŸ‘‰ Building a web3 project ? Let's chat ā˜• !

Founder - Innovalabs

(2016 - present)

Managed a collective of tech freelances (as a dev agency). We built over 40 projects. I handled many things such as : managing clients over the world, managing team of 10 developers, find new clients and sometimes code on some projects too šŸ¤“.

šŸ‘‰ Building a mobile app or an IOT project ? Let's chat ā˜• !

Senior software engineer - Heetch

(2019 - 2022)

Responsible for building the best experience for the passengers and driver during the ride flow (around 1M per month) on Android (Kotlin) and Backend (Golang). Handled critical issues for the business (such as location issues, delay in push notifications in Africa, pricing problems in Africa ) and find solutions to them. šŸŽļø

I am Restless and Hyper-achiever as previous said šŸ™ˆ

Client Testimonials

"I have worked with Guillaume, on a few different projects and found him to be able to give lots of good advice and he is definitely always happy to help. He certainly has very strong tech skills, in but not limited to, smart contracts and security. He also has a deep understanding of the NFT market and how to launch a NFT project."

Zahid Ali

Web3 Growth Advisor

"Guillaume is one of the best developers I know in the Web 3 / Blockchain / Smart Contracts ecosystem, especially for deploying NFT (Non Fungible Token) projects. He masters everything you need to bring these projects to life: Security / Generation / Mint / Airdrop / Infrastructure... I highly recommend him šŸš€"

Hugo Mir

CMO - Business Consultant web3

"Guillaume and his team at Innovalabs are a pleasure to work with. Problem solvers, professional, responsive. I would recommend working with Guillaume to anyone."

Myra Khanna

CEO Sama

"Guillaume was a very proactive and talented developer. He has this innate skill in innovation and will always find ways to make things happen on time without compromising quality. One of the best developers I've ever encountered! "

Lyle jover

CEO Mycape

  • guillaume.agis@gmail.com
  • +33 (0)6 17 42 58 59